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   Make a Lasting Impact on the Cybersecurity Community 

Become a Sponsor of BSides Columbus

Our sponsorship opportunities offer your organization valuable exposure and the chance to connect with industry professionals, thought leaders, and emerging talent. Email us at to start the sponsorship process.

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   Beyond Traditional Vendor Booths   

Showcase Your Company at BSides Columbus

Our unique structure is designed to foster meaningful interaction between attendees and sponsors, going beyond traditional vendor booths. When you sponsor BSides, you're not just showcasing your products or services – you're engaging with technical staff and thought leaders who discuss real-world problems and offer practical solutions. As a sponsor, you'll become an integral part of an event that is crucial to the Central Ohio Information Security community. 

Information Security Builders, Buyers and Influencers

Projected Attendance:

An Exclusive 250 Attendees

Be at the Forefront of Information Security

While major conferences typically center around current hot topics in information security, BSides events take a different approach. They delve deeper into the fringe of conversation, exploring emerging trends and focusing on what's on the horizon. Discussions at BSides Columbus cover a wide range of topics, from hardware hacking to gender issues, and from Twitter security breaches to proximity-based identity theft. BSides Columbus provides a platform for conversations that often go unnoticed, allowing sponsors to actively engage with these discussions and shape the future of cybersecurity.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

As a sponsor, you will recognize your brand placement at some or all of the following: t-shirts, signage, lunch sessions, or attendee badges. Based on your level of participation, custom branding may be arranged.

Cost Effective Marketing

Sponsoring large events can often be financially out of reach for many businesses, leaving them without a platform to convey their message. BSides Columbus offers an affordable solution that allows you to effectively communicate your message to a receptive audience.

Targeted and Direct Audience

Instead of marketing to the broader security community, BSides Columbus allows you to connect directly with the security practitioners who write about, talk about, recommend, and implement security products and services.

Live Interactive Engagement

Unlike traditional events, BSides Columbus offers live interactive engagement opportunities. Access the list of speakers and attendees online and engage in real-time conversations that go beyond cold calls, fostering genuine connections and meaningful interactions.

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Sponsorship Levels

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