How do I access the Virtual Conference?

Go to the "Conference Portal" Tab on the website and click on any of the tracks! Once you've chosen a session, you'll be prompted to register for that track via Zoom. Input the same email address, first name, and last name that you registered for BSides with to gain access to the presentations. If you did not purchase a ticket, you will not be able to access the sessions.

How do I enter the BSides Columbus 2020 Raffle?

Win a pair of Airpods Pro by meeting with all of the sponsors and getting each sponsor's keyword. Once you've gotten all of the sponsor keywords, send an email to raffle@bsidescolumbus.com containing the sponsor names and their keywords to be entered into the raffle. You must get your entry in before 4PM EST on Friday, August 21st. to be eligible. A raffle keyword table can be downloaded here.

Are refunds available?

Contact us directly at bsidescmh@gmail.com for details.

Do we still get Swag?

Not this year - but we are planning on offering Swag in 2021 whether we are in person or virtual!

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers will not be utilized in 2020 since we are virtual. Contact us about 2021 opportunities!

How does my company become a BSides Columbus sponsor?

Email sponsorships@bsidescolumbus.com for more details in 2021!

What do I do if I run into technical issues on the day of the conference?

Email support@bsidescolumbus.com for assistance.